We make an ambitious review of all companies before they are admitted. You can access a summary of the outcomes of our review, available in each company's Deal Room on the platform. That being said, our review should not be regarded as a recommendation to invest in a certain company and you are always solely responsible for your investment decisions.

Our review process in summary:
  1. Initial selection. An investment committee assesses the viability of the company's business case and selects the most promising ones.
  2. Legal checks. Our lawyer makes background checks on the  company and its management.
  3. Agreements verification. We verify that the company's shareholders' agreement and investment agreement meet certain minimum criteria to protect you as an investor and to ensure that the company can be managed in an efficient manner.
  4. Pitch requirement checks. All companies are required to use our pitch template, meaning that there is no way we would allow them to not address their perceived risks and competitors.
  5. Information checks. We check all factual statements in the investment descriptions presented on the platform. A few examples of factual statements are quotes from satisfied customers, partnerships, customers, patents and market size.
  6. Proof of ownership. After a funding round is completed, we verify that you have been registered in the company's records of shareholdings (the legal proof of your share ownership) before we transfer any money to the company you have invested in.