In addition to reviewing the companies before they are admitted on the platform, we make the investment process more structured and secure. We ensure that:

Companies have minimum funding targets in their issue resolutions. That is, the funding round will be cancelled and your invested capital will be repaid if the company does not reach its target.

Your money is secure during the investment process. Payments of shares are held on our SEB bank account dedicated for client money. That is, your money will be protected even in the unlikely event that Sciety defaults. We will only transfer the money to the company you have invested in if the funding round is successful, otherwise we will repay the money to your bank account. We are authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to handle money on behalf of clients.

You become a shareholder. After the funding round has been successfully closed, we verify that you have been registered in the company's records of shareholdings before we transfer the money to the company.

We also follow-up the companies' reporting of tax relief details to the Swedish Tax Agency (if applicable) and registrations of their new issues with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.