One common way to reduce risks in finance is to invest smaller amounts in many companies rather than investing a large amount of money in only one or two companies. It is recommended that you invest only a small portion of your total wealth in early-stage companies. 

Another common advice is to do some research about the companies you are considering for investment. A simple google search can give you valuable information about the company’s market, competitors, founders and etc. You can also learn more by asking questions to the company's management or discuss with other investors and sector professionals.

All investment offerings on the platform has been reviewed by Sciety from a business and legal perspective. You can find a summary of our review and a package of legal documents in the companies' deal rooms on the platform. It is important to note that our review cannot replace a full due diligence or your own judgement. In additional, our review should not be seen as a recommendation to invest or as a guaratee for a certain outcome.