The first time you make an investment through the platform, we are required by law to verify your identity. To complete the verification process as quickly as possible, we use a solution called Netverify which is also used by companies such as AirBnB.

In the first step, you select what type of identification document you want to use and then you select if you want to take a snapshot with your webcamera or upload a file.

Important information:
  • If you use a Swedish identification card, you need to upload both the backside and the front side. This is not necessary for passports and drivers' licences. 
  • Double check that the details on the identification document are readable. That is, make sure that the text is not blurry.
  • If you use the upload option, the image needs to be in color and in jpg or png.
  • If you use the webcam option, hold your identification document as close to the camera as possible without losing any pieces of the document.