The shareholders or a group of shareholders in a company may agree to enter into a shareholders' agreement. The purpose of shareholders' agreements is to govern the rights and obligations between shareholders in a company. Shareholers' agreements can include: 

  • Restrictions on the shareholders' rights to sell their shares such as right of first refusal, tag along and drag along.
  • Rights to receive certain information about the company's activities. The Swedish Companies Act give the shareholders rights to receive certain information but the shareholders may decide upon additional information rights. 
  • Provisions regarding decision making in certain matters.

Most of the companies on the platform uses shareholders' agreements which you need to enter into before you can complete your investment. The purpose of the agreements is to protect you interests as an investor and to ensure that decisions in the company can be made in an efficient manner. 

The shareholders' agreements for companies on the platform have either been worked out by Sciety in collaboration with the companies or reviewed by Sciety.