Plan how you will attract attention among potential investors already before your offering goes live. The more early investments you secure the higher the probability that other investors will follow and your fundraising will become successful.

We can make your offering available exclusively for people you have invited. This is a good option if you want to start collecting investments from people in your network and then open up your offering for all members on the platform.

Update your online media profiles

The team behind the business is essential for most professional early-stage investors. Make sure that your profiles on LinkedIn and other social media are professional and up to date. The same goes for your company pages on social media. Many investors will also visit your website and google your team and company. Be prepared to answer any questions that may arise.

Let your network know

Making a simple plan on who to address, when and how to reach out and what to communicate will help you a lot during your fundraising.

Who to address

Make a list of people in your network who may be interested to invest themselves or spread your message in their networks. The list could include friends, family and business connections such as former colleagues, customers and suppliers. You can also use social media and newspapers to find and contact people who are active and well-connected in your field. An investment or a tweet from an influential person may be worth a lot for your company and fundraising.

How to reach out

How to reach out depends on who you are addressing. Social media updates let you reach out to many people in a short amount of time and allow recipients to share your message by just clicking a button. Your social media updates will however compete with everything else in the recipients’ feeds and are less personal than direct messages. We strongly recommend you not to rely solely on social media updates. Make sure to write personal messages or e-mails and call people who are of importance for your company. Phone calls are usually the best way to get the attention and action you desire.

When and how frequent to reach out

Start attracting attention in your network already before your offering goes live. Remind everyone once your offering goes live and follow up with potential investors by e-mail and phone. People has a lot going on and you may need to remind them a few times. Do not waste time on contacting people who has already said they are not interested. Focus on the ones who said they are interested but have not invested yet. You should also post news or updates on social media and on our platform once a week to keep up the interest among potential investors.

What to say

Adapt your message to the person or group you address. For e-mails and phone calls, you could use a standardized message to save time and include the recipient’s name and information on why your company may be interesting for the recipient. Remember to suggest an action such as a phone call, meeting, e-mail with more information or even a recommendation on an event you will attend which could be of interest for the recipient. In written communication, you should always include the direct link to your offering (even if you have already provided it). As mentioned earlier, you may need to remind your potential investors a few times. Remind them by following-up on your previous communication. You could also share news about your business or market, ask if the person you address has any questions or share a new contact you have come across that could be interest. Be brief and straight to the point in all your communication to avoid people losing their patience and missing your key point.

PR and communication

In addition to communicating with your network, you could also try to reach out to new people before and during your fundraising round. Most importantly, you should answer any questions from investors on the platform as quickly as possible, within 24 hours at the latest. Make sure to give useful and appropriate answers and do not forget to say thank you. After all, the person took the time to read your information and ask the question.

Prepare and send a press release to local news papers, magazines in your field and business press to attract attention to your company. Take a look at this PR guide from Westander (in Swedish) for some useful tips on press releases and PR. We have access to contact details to thousands of journalists and news papers and we are happy to help spreading your press releases.

Attend events of relevance for your business. Spread your message and extend your network at pitch events, trade fairs, meetups and other forums. If you know people who may be interested to invest, you can also host an event at your office where you present your company and let them network with other potential investors.