Time to start growing your business!

Some administration to keep in mind:

• You need to keep your records of shareholdings up to date. As records of shareholdings are publicly available documents, you will have to send a copy to anyone who asks for it. We require that you use a professional service for your records of shareholdings. Using a professional service will ensure that your records of shareholdings are in order and meet legal requirements. We recommend NVR and all Sciety fund seekers have a discounted price. Contact us for more information.

• You need to post updates about your business to your shareholders at least once a quarter. The updates should cover information on revenue and earnings before interest for the quarter and overall information about strategy and product, marketing and sales, personnel and press. Try to involve your shareholders by posting relevant information but without revealing any business secrets.

• You need to invite your shareholders to a general shareholders’ meeting at least once a year. Certain decisions about your company need to be made by the general shareholders’ meeting. You can find out more about the formalities on Bolagsverket.

In addition to your quarterly updates, we recommend you to share information about your business and involve your shareholders on a monthly basis. You can for example involve your shareholders by sharing photos from events you have attended, infographics, news related to your business or short updates about your business. In addition, you may turn to your shareholders for advise, business connections, expertise and board members. Your shareholders may also be valuable for product testing and marketing.