Video production

Video is a powerful tool to attract attention and let investors know your team. Nowadays, anyone can make a video at very low cost but it takes some planning. We have put together a step by step guide to create a professional looking video.

Important information: You will need to provide references for any factual statements you make in your video. Please send us your script for review before you start shooting to avoid having to re-shoot.


Preparing for a video is similar to preparing for pitching your company in real life.

• Your message should be clear and brief. Aim at a one minute script, two minutes maximum.
• Try to catch the attention of investors from the start and avoid complicated words.
• Adapt your outfits to your audience.
• Practice in front of the mirror and people who can give you feed-back.
• Show your product or prototype. If you offer a service, you can use a powerpoint slide to illustrate how it works and record the slide on your screen (with the software you use for editing).

It is also very beneficial to produce a video where you present a short version of your pitch and use slides. Many investors want to listen to the company they are about to invest in. Most of our events are hosted in Stockholm but our investors are located all over Sweden and also abroad.


Your most important piece of equipment is the camera (of course!). Most smart phone cameras produce video quality satisfactory for your pitch. Another alternative is to borrow a more advanced video recording device from someone you know.

The quality of your video will improve significantly if the picture is steady, the sound is clear and the lighting is good. For these purposes you will need:

• A camera stand (also available for smart phones).
• A separate microphone. The built-in microphones in most video cameras will not provide satisfactory quality. We recommend using a clip on microphone (available for most smartphones).
• Some lights. Shooting in daylight may work but can result in uneven lighting and shadows. Our recommendation is to shoot in a dark room and use separate lights to focus the lighting as preferred. Make sure that the faces of persons who speak are even lit to avoid shadows. 150 Watt Incandescent clamp lights work fine and are at Amazon for about SEK 200.


Try to be yourself and show your passion in front of the camera. Don’t forget to breath and smile. Try to avoid any distracting gestures as well as moving back and forth.

Shoot from the waist and allow some space above your head to make the editing easier.

Put the camera settings on auto, if you are not familiar with video recording. Keeping the lighting steady and constant during the shooting improves quality.

Recording the video in one take or dividing the video into sections and record each section separately makes it easier to edit the video. If you use sections, you can add backgrounds and text in between the sections to remove any abrupt changes of body positions. You can also play around with the size of the objects to make abrupt changes of body positions seem smoother. Here is an example.


You can improve your video a lot with some easy editing. There are plenty of free video editors and tutorials available on the internet. Camtasia is one example.

Here are some suggestions for your editing:

• Add captions for names and roles of persons who speak.
• Add backgrounds and topics in between sections of your video.
• Remove any abrupt changes of body positions in between cuts by increasing the size of persons.
• Record your computer screen. You could for example record a graph showing sales growth and a PowerPoint slide showing how your product works. If you offer an online service, you can make a brief demo by recording while you browse your website.