Sciety offers a complete solution for raising capital and issuing new shares. We help you to plan your fundraising, reach your target and issue new shares. Your dedicated account manager will guide you through the process and help to ensure that your fundraising meet all legal requirements.

Our guide section includes hands-on advice and guidelines for everything related to your fundraising with Sciety. We also provide recommendations for people who can produce your pitch, video or financial forecast, if you do not want to do it yourself.

1. Tell us about your company

Fill out a form to let us know about your business. We will contact you to learn more about your business and funding needs, and discuss how we can help you. If we think that our investors may be interested in your company, we will let you start creating your pitch. Otherwise we will put you in contact with people who can help you with funding or other support.

2. Create pitch

Build your pitch, prepare financial forecasts and decide at what valuation you will raise funding. We strongly recommend that you make a brief video presentation to capture the attention of investors. You should also prepare a business plan that you can send to investors upon request.

Make sure that your financial forecasts and valuation are reasonable and that your pitch uses a language that everyday people will understand. Technical details fit better in your business plan. We also strongly recommend you to present facts and figures that support your proposal.

3. Review by Sciety

Our review aims at adding credibility to your offering. In the review process, we ask you to reference all facts you present in your pitch. If you make statements such as “our CEO was appointed the entrepreneur of the year” or “the market size of something is X SEK per year” we will ask for references. We also make quick background checks on your company and management.

After we have completed the review, we may suggest or require certain changes before your offering is launched. If we think that your company is not ready for crowdfunding yet, we will give you advice on how to proceed and put you in contact with people who can help you along the way.

4. Shareholder agreement and articles of association

We review your articles of associations and may recommend changes to make your terms more suitable for crowdfunding. For instance, you may require shareholders to sign up beforehand if they want to attend the general meeting.

Shareholders agreements are used to regulate the rights and obligations between the shareholders of a company. You can use our standard shareholder agreement at no cost or use your own as long as certain minimum requirements are met. Our shareholder agreement is designed to protect the interests of your company as well as your investors.

5. Decision by your general meeting

Before we launch your investment offering on the platform, your general meeting needs to make a decision on new issue of shares. The decision has to include information such as number of shares to be issued, share price and subscription period. We will draft the terms of the resolution in collaboration with you and help to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

6. Let your network know

Tell everyone in your network about the opportunity to invest in your business and try to secure investments already before your offering is launched on the platform. The more early investments you secure the higher the probability that other investors will follow and your fundraising will become successful. We will share your investment offering in our newsletter and have it featured as a new investment opportunity on the platform. Please note that if you are a private limited liability company (sv. privat aktiebolag), you are not allowed to market your offering to the public. If you want to market your offering in press or social media, you are not allowed to write information about your investment offering but rather interesting information about your company.

7. Launch your offering

Let people know that you are live. Share your offering in your network and post updates about your business or news about your sector. Most importantly, give quick and adequate answers to questions from your potential investors.

We can make your offering available exclusively for people you have invited. This is a good option if you want to start collecting investments from people in your network and then open up your offering for all members on the platform.

8. Reach your target

You will have 45 to 60 days to reach your minimum funding target. Your fundraising offering expires when the time period for share subscription has ended or when you have reached your maximum funding target (whichever comes first).

9. Anti money laundering checks

Sciety performs background checks on the investors in your company as a measure against money laundering. This is an important step to protect your company and shareholders from illegal activities.

10. Final review

Sciety makes a final review of your company and management. In this process, we may ask you to send additional documents.

11. Share allocation

Sciety sends a list of investors that have subscribed for shares in your company and the board of directors of your company allocates shares to the investors. The new issue needs to be approved by your general meeting, if the general meeting has not already approved it.

12. Records of shareholdings

Your board of directors records the new shareholders in your records of shareholdings and sends a copy to Sciety.
Sciety sends confirmations to your shareholders.

13. Get the money

Sciety transfers the funding to your bank account. After you have received the money, we will invoice our fees.

14. Tax relief

Your investors may be allowed to claim tax relief for their share purchase. The tax relief can be used by an investor if your company and the investor meet the requirements of the Swedish Tax Agency. If your company meets the requirements of the tax relief, you have to report the share purchases to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Sciety takes care of all paperwork. You just need to provide your signature.

15. Register the share issue

The board of directors has to register the share issue with the Swedish Companies Registration Office within six months after the date of the decision to issue new shares.

Sciety takes care of the paperwork for the registration. You just need to provide your signature and send the documents to the Swedish Companies Registration Office.